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2004-11-23 - 6:19 p.m.

Feeling: nostalgic
Listening to: windchimes
Reading/Watching: nothing

I'd like to believe that this journal is rather self-explanatory, but I feel like writing up a rundown of major players for anyone who feels lost... make it easier on newcomers (and oldcomers who just expected to catch up eventually).

Me (Katie, or Megsy): Born in May 1982, 5'9" (or 5'10", it�s under debate), overweight fakely-redheaded curlygirl with a bachelor's degree in vocal music performance, living & teaching choir in Schoolville, TX. Originally from Hometown, TX.

Bear: My sister, two years older than me, beautiful and intelligent, she's the more practical, more independent one. I used to go visit her in Sistertown, TX when I wanted to hang out with family without needing to uphold the good-girl image. Now she's married (February 24, 2008) and happy with her two dogs.

Puppy: baby brother, four years younger than me (albeit 8 inches taller). Used to play football, but is now focusing on architecture, because he is also extremely artistic and talented, and brilliant enough to make the rest of us look like witless amateurs. Married April 18, 2009.

Maffrew: eldest brother, nearly five years my senior. Married to a lovely woman named Becca (January 19, 2002). I should have nicknamed him Cat, to keep with the animal-sibling motif I've got going on, but I worried it would create gender confusion.

Mon Coeur: My ex-husband. A friend since October '02, formerly known as Lindsy. Boyfriend since February 2004, we got married April 29, 2006 and divorced July 7, 2009.

Nimsay: Roommate for almost three years (until I got hitched), friend since the beginning of college. We bonded over various portions of the Whedonverse. Graduated from college, has a law degree, is very proud of being disABLED, and not limited by it.

Matisse: Met backstage in Brigadoon in Summer of '07. She's a sign language teacher at a high school in Schoolville, and I love her to little bitty lesbian pieces (don't be offended; she'll be the first to proudly admit it).

Lynne: Friend since seventh grade, my heart-sister, a year older than me. Now attending college about forty miles away, we still try to get together whenever we can, which is sporadic but fun.

Bork: Friend since Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, winter 2006. We were extremely close when my marriage became faulty, and then lost contact because it strained us to the breaking point. My ex-husband harassed him into cutting all ties with me.

Krynn: Friend since Fall '04, we took turns playing Big Sister/Little Sister and counseling, comforting, and feeding each other. She was a casualty of the divorce; we no longer talk.

Miller: A close friend since September '02 (and former victim of a disastrous and short-lived Katie-Crush) who has graduated and deserted me to pursue his doctorate in anthropology.

Bri: Former best friend since 2000, roommate for a semester freshman year. Much dramatic history, about 50% bad, 50% good, hence why we are no longer friends. She is a bilateral below-the-knee amputee.

Satan (a.k.a. Geoff): nicknamed him as a joke, then with a sense of painful irony, and now it's just stuck. One of the air force boys, known since October of 2002. Caused some severe drama when we both confused being friends with deeper things in the summer of '03, but life goes on, as does our friendship (despite an obvious hiccup during the divorce, but he's forgiven me).

Persephone: Satan's ex-fianc�e.

Ray: Also an Air Force Boy, one of my favorite goofy friends. He doesn't actually have a cool nickname. We bonded over our mutual weirdness. He is always writing or creating something, and now lives in Florida with his lovely wife Laura.

Dork Sisters: It's easier to refer to them as a unit. We were once a group of seven online friends who met in 1999, with silly dorky nicknames (I was Olga), and we shared a passion for writing. I only keep in touch with Lala and Heather these days, although I read Michelle's LJ and Jess sends an e-mail every blue moon or so. I've actually spent a week staying at Lala's house (summer '02), and she keeps saying she will visit me in Schoolville again someday.

Mini-Me: two years younger than me, a girl that I took to my heart instantly as a little sister. She's a soprano, a writer, an actress, has crazy curly hair and is still waiting for the right first kiss.

Bartok and Kerry: My cousin (Bartok) and his wife (Kerry), both my age (okay, so Bartok is about a year older). They married about seven months before mon coeur and me. They live in Sistertown, same as Bear, so we try to visit them when we can.

Kiki: close elder friend from school, gifted musician, my favorite person for when I want to eat Mexican food and gossip.

Drew: friend since fall of '01, notoriously there-and-gone, but a very valuable friend when he is, actually, there, and not teaching highschool band in Laredo. Also formerly an unwilling recipient of a Katie-Crush.

Domm: Needs to call me more often. Friend since freshman year, he comes back around every six months or so like a satellite.

Chessa: another friend since freshman year. She�s now attending grad school in Sistertown.

Marie: favorite cousin on my father�s side, closer to Puppy�s age than mine. Bartok's younger sister. She reminds me of myself at times.

Tiger: Past friend from Massachusetts. Met online at age 15, remained friends until he transferred to my college sophomore year, and misplaced crushes created some tension. He's back in Mass, although we're in touch again after about 3 years of silence.

Charlie Brown: Oh god, he's notorious. Friend in fall of 2000, until he became a very sore subject. He did not respond well to the Katie-Crush, and was rather cruel. Haven't heard a word about him since he transferred away in May '01.

Quincy: ex-boyfriend of 3 months, one of the original air force boys. I rarely mention him anymore.

Harry: nicknamed for his resemblance to Harry Potter. My first kiss, at age twenty. Cheated on me, and was dumped in less than a month.

Chris: mentioned too early on to have a nickname, I used to just call him my *him*. We dated for six months my senior year in highschool, and never kissed. I've lost touch with him almost completely, although we have dinner or tea or something about once every year or so and talk for hours. Ever seen that movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin? That is Chris. Down to the eyebrows, manners, and facial expressions. Although he doesn't have figurines.

The sad part is, at least half these people haven't been mentioned around here in months, even years, but I still find them worthy of listing. I don't easily let go of people. And if this confuses more than it clears up, I apologize. I just didn�t want to leave anyone out (and if I did, comment posthaste and I will add him or her).

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