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Necessity: the Mother of Invention
2010-11-29 - 12:35 a.m.

Feeling: innovative
Listening to: I have Natasha Bedingfield in my head. I blame Will's mom, who keeps posting songs on Facebook.
Reading/Watching: --

Can't sleep, and Dante is hobbling from room to room with me, holding his bad leg at an awkward distance from the rest of his body.

Every place I pause, he eyes the seat next to me to decide if it's worth the Herculean effort to jump up. I keep trying to dissuade him, but pain definitely increases his desire to be cuddled. He tries to jump anyway, and it ends with a painful, human-assisted clamber.

I'm getting sick of it. I can't stand it. I don't mean to talk about it so much on here, because I'm not groping for pity, but it's every day, and he is so much worse than he was last year.

But I found a temporary solution! Or, if not a solution, at least an idea to make him more comfortable.

I pulled an old Christmas gift from my bathroom cabinet: my sister-in-law gave me a foot spa set several years back, which included lotions, scrubs, a foot bath, and two aromatherapy slippers with heating pads you slip into the toes.

I took the heating pads, warmed them in the microwave, and wrapped them around Dante's bad knee. He sniffed at them curiously for a moment, then flopped onto the floor and relaxed, stretching his leg out a bit. He fell asleep in the space of two minutes. As soon as I removed the heating pads, he woke up again, so I'm going to fashion some sort of ace-bandage-wrappy-thing to keep them in place. Should work whenever he's lying down.

With that sorted, I'm going to attempt to go back to sleep. Back to work tomorrow, back to business. Plenty to do.

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