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One of the Deadly Sins
2006-06-17 - 4:38 p.m.

Feeling: slothful
Listening to: A Perfect Circle - The Package
Reading/Watching: Vera Drake

It's 4:30 p.m., and I am still wearing pajamas. I woke up four hours ago, watched Vera Drake, and am wondering if I can scrape together the energy to go visit friends, or possibly go outside at some point.

Whatever happened to the chick who took 21 hours per semester in college, who was in plays and choirs and went to club meetings and wrote things and survived on five or six hours of sleep a night?

I almost wish I needed a job, in that scary desperate way some people do, so that it would force me to do something, anything, to claw my way out of this laziness. But I don't: I live cheaply, I earn a bit from singing and teaching, and my husband has given me permission to be lazy as all hell, so I'm spoiled and don't "have" to work until the schoolyear starts again and I go back to substitute teaching.

I think I don't like it anymore. The first week or so was fun, but now I kind of hate myself.

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